Surveyex is an HR campaign Management Tool to collect data by sending out surveys within a company or group. Team Fidenz developed Andriod, iOS, and CMS, creating HR management tools. It was offered to companies to manage internal staff and resolve problems efficiently and effectively.

Surveyex is an HR campaign management tool used to collect data by sending out surveys within a company or group. The tool can create interactive campaigns and send them to a target group of people. The group can then correspond or send back information to the relevant topic or issue. The goal of creating this management tool by Survex was to offer its services as a product to other companies. The tool is beneficial to every organization as it can be used to manage their internal staff and resolve problems in a much efficient and effective way.

Client Requirement

Our client needed to create a campaign management system consisting of 3 main components, a backend CMS, an android application, and an iOS application. The CMS was required to manage questionnaires and the target audience, whereas the mobile applications were needed to get the responses from the target audience. They intended to establish this system as a product and offer its service to many potential customers. The tool can benefit company owners, managers, leaders, and anybody who has the requirement of approaching in a modern and effective way of getting feedback from a well-defined audience on any matter.

The solution needed to be created using a method where one creates a questionnaire from the CMS and imports the email addresses of the targeted group. The email will be imported using the help of an excel file and sent to everyone with a download link. The receiver can access the campaign by downloading the mobile counterpart along with a unique access code. Here, we needed to create a  link that is intelligent enough to decide the OS of the device and redirect the user to the app store or google play respectively. Further, it should automatically fill in the login details for the campaign if the application is already installed on the device.

They also needed to make these campaigns more interactive and effective through attractive UI designs and audio and video features. They proceeded with the implements by making the interactions “audio and video only” and requesting a chatbot-like UI design at the receiver’s end. Questions were meant to be presented to the audience through a video uploaded at the CMS. The responses were also meant to be taken in the form of audio or video files.

Lastly, in addition to the videos, they needed to extract the audios from the submitted video responses and save them separately. Later on, these responses were meant to be collected (download) by the campaign owners as bulks.


Among a few of the complexities we had to face making this solution a reality, the top most was dealing with the audio and video responses generated at the user’s end.

Most modern mobile devices nowadays feature advanced recording devices that produce high-quality outputs that are large in size.

The users were supposed to record responses limited to 5 minutes. However, if the answers are longer than that, we were not supposed to cut off the extra length as it can contain useful information. Also, a 5-minute video recorded from a modern device could be larger, making it harder to upload when the connections are unstable. This can be distasteful for the end-users as it consumes a lot of data and time. It was very challenging to collect responses making it less hesitant to the user and without losing any information.

To address the problem, we implemented mechanisms to reduce the file sizes at the user's end before they uploaded it to the CMS. The part was a bit tricky, especially with android devices.

Another challenge was to give mobile users a chatbot-like experience. Due to the pre-planned structure in the campaign, there was nothing much to be responsive. However, with simple and creative UI designs, which included animations, we managed to achieve a level that satisfied our client.

Meanwhile, processing video files at the backend to extract audios was challenging. This is because we had to make the feature capable of handling a few different video formats. The most efficient and reliable solution to this was to use the AWS Elastic Transcoder. The excellent team at Fidenz integrated the service into the platform successfully. This helped us save time and effort and cut off the need to perform it manually using libraries.

Supporting the bulk download for responses collected at the backend was another challenging feature we had to handle and this required a lot of work too, since the bulk data is very likely to fail while downloading. So we had to implement specific means to compress the bulk data before offering to download and handle that process at the backend of the application.

Final Outcome

After overcoming all the challenges, we are very proud to say that we have delivered a remarkable HR campaign management tool seen like none other before.

The concept of creating an HR campaign management tool to resolve or deliver messages to a targeted audience within a group or company with the greatest discretion was brilliant from inception.

The product is now used in many organizations, from large scale to small. It has been a great pleasure for us as the engineers who made this idea a reality. Currently, we are maintaining the system while working on the improvements and changes as per the client's suggestions.